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Warranty Information


No High-Pressure Sales
We believe that customers make the best decisions when they are provided with good information in a timely fashion. We do not believe that you should be pressured into making a purchase. We won't try to get your business by creating a false sense of urgency or by bringing up a "special to get you to buy. What we will do is answer your questions and help you select the right warranty for you. For instance, if your mileage is getting close to a cut-off for a lower-priced warranty, we believe you should know.

Your extended warranty consultant
We view ourselves not as just a provider of extended warranties, but as consultants. It is our goal to find the right balance between length of coverage, deductible, level of coverage, deductible and price. Our Company’s unique approach allows customers to get an instant quote right over the phone.

Taking payment for a product is just the first step. Once you have purchased a warranty from us, we will stand behind our product. We will make sure that calls and claims are handled promptly. We will make sure you are treated courteously. Extended warranties are all about peace of mind. We never forget that.

Simply put, all extended warranties are not the same. All coverages are not the same. Warranty Headquarters provides some of the best coverage available for the lowest price. Claims are paid directly to the repair facility - there is no reimbursement process.

Choice Of Coverages
We understand that just as all extended warranties are not the same, neither are all customers the same. For this reason, we have a menu of coverage options available to you. We help you pick the right coverage for your car, and your needs.